Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fish Tacos

I decided to make Fish Tacos tonight for dinner. They came out really good. It’s hard for me to believe but the kids really like this recipe and it gets them to eat fish in a healthier way then just frying them up. I do switch between the two fish recipes for variety but these are better.

Fish Tacos

2 jalapenos, sliced into thin strips

1/2 onion, sliced

3-4 cloves garlic

2 cups water or chicken broth

chicken bouillon cubes, if using water

1 lb fish fillets, diced (I use Tilapia)

Sour Cream

Add 1 tbsp. olive oil to your pan, when hot add your onion, garlic and jalapenos. Cook until all is limp. Add the chicken broth. Cook for 1-2 minutes. Add fish, very carefully stirring and cook for 5-10 minutes, until fish pieces turn white.

Using a slotted spoon take out all of the veges and fish leaving just the liquid. Add 3 spoonfuls of sour cream to the liquid. I usually turn the heat up a little and using a whisk melt the sour cream into the broth. Add fish and veges back into the broth and serve with your favorite taco toppings.

Fried Fish Tacos: I just use Tilapia fillets and cut them into strips then coat them with Louisiana Fish Fry crumbs and fry in oil. Serve with your favorite toppings.

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